Prayer Walk Two

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From the front door of church, cross the road to Victoria’s India. Walk down Berry Lane to Irwell Street and turn right as far as the Scout and Guide huts and pause for prayer (1).
Return to Berry Lane and continue down to the Millennium Cross and pause for prayer (2). Continue to the bottom of Berry Lane pausing near Booth’s (3) then turn right and continue as far as the travel agents and pause again (4).
Cross over Inglewhite Road and walk towards Barnacre Road as far as George Street. Turn left into George Street and left again into Mary Street West and proceed as far as St. Mary’s Close and pause for prayer (5).
Retrace steps along Mary Street West and George Street to Inglewhite Road. Turn left and proceed as far as Barnacre Road and turn left then go left again into Hesketh Road. Walk up the left side and return down the other side and turn left back into Barnacre Road and continue to the far end past the end of Nateby Close and pause for prayer (6).
Return to the end of Barnacre Road and cross over to Ireland’s Garage. Walk back along Inglewhite Road past Somerfields, Isabella Street and Davis Street to Crumpax Avenue. Turn left and proceed past Crumpax Croft and into Crumpax Meadows and pause for prayer (7).
Take footpath to Thornfield Avenue; cross over and take footpath to Willows Park Road. Turn right and return along Calder Avenue to Berry Lane and back to church.

Topics for Prayer at each pause

  • 1. Pray for the staff and customers and the future of Victoria’s India; the staff and customers of Linnet’s, Advance Consulting, Edward Jones Investments, Debts4us, Bond Partners LLB and Threshers. Pray about the problems of debt in our society. Thank God and pray for the members and leaders of the Scouts, Cub Scouts and Beavers; Guides, Brownies and Rainbows.
  • 2. Pray for the staff and customers of Bourne Fashions, the Post Office, Furness Building Society, Naphthen Solicitors, Longridge Electrical, Halifax Building Society and Cliffs, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, HSBC and Michael Rayners Architects.
    Pray for the staff and customers of the Vine House shop and for the work of Vine House. Pray for all the residents of today’s section of Berry Lane, Irwell Street, Mersey Street and Humber Street.
  • 3. Pray for the staff and customers of Reads Rains, Submission, the Dry Cleaners, Dewhurst Estate Agents, Bradford and Bingley Building Society, Vincents Solicitors, Goldsmith’s Jewellers, Entwistle Green Estate Agents, Longridge Tandoori, Ducci, Holden’s Accountants, Emmett’s Solicitor, the Beauticians, Quench, Spar, Booths and Booths Garage.
  • 4. Pray for the staff and customers of Poppy’s, Happy Valley Chinese (and all the Chinese inhabitants of Longridge at this time of the Chinese New Year), Harlequin Fashions, Event Cards, the Pound Shop, A Touch of Class Hairdressers, the Longridge Gallery, the Pet Shop, the Sewing Shop, the Bay Tree, World Choice Travel Agents, Overload Cleaners, THG Motor Bodies, Kim Yin and Carefoots butchers etc.
  • 5. Pray for the staff and customers of the Forest Arms, Thyme, Flourish Recruitment and Forests. Pray for the residents of George Street, Mary Street West and St. Mary’s Close and this side of Inglewhite Road.
  • 6. Pray for the residents of Barnacre Road, Hesketh Road and Nateby Close. Pray for the staff, children and parents of the Limes preschool and Barnacre Road Primary School. Pray for the housing development and also for children in care.
  • 7. Pray for the staff and customers of Ireland’s Garage, Somerfield’s, and NSJ Hairdressing. Pray for the residents of this side of Inglewhite Road, Isabella Street, Davis Street, Crumpax Avenue, Crumpax Croft and Crumpax Meadows.
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Dickie Dollrags · 21 May, 2008 at 8:01 PM

Pray also for the staff and customers of all the other shops in Longridge that you have missed from your prayers – like the antuques shop, the fruit shop, the health shop!!

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