Prayer Walk One

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From the front door of church turn left and proceed down Berry Lane past Clarence Street; Barclay Road; Towneley Road; entrance to Sharples Court and Stanley Street, pausing for prayer at the corner of Barclay Road (1); Towneley Road (2) and the bottom of Berry Lane (3).
Turn left along Derby Road to Warwick Street and turn left to the top of Warwick Street pausing at the top (4) corner of Warwick Street.
Cross Towneley Road and turn right past the Legion to Park and Towneley House and pause for prayer (5).
Go back along Towneley Road to Tyne Close and then down Fleet Street. Pause at the corner by the Police Station (6).
Turn left on to Derby Road past Neville Street and Astley Street to the end of Towneley Road West and pause for prayer (7).
Continue to Kestor Lane and turn left and continue to the entrance to the Rec. On Drivers Walk we will have a longer pause for prayer if the weather is not too bad (8, 9 and10).
Walk back to Berry Lane and then back to church.

Topics for prayer at each pause:-

  • 1. The staff and customers of the Durham Ox and the Longridge Band;
    the staff and pupils of Berry Lane School and Irene Reid, the school crossing attendant; the staff and customers of the Conservative Club; Anji’s and the bathroom and kitchen shop thanking God for the contribution they make to the town; and the betting shop remembering also those whose problem gambling damages their own and other people’s lives; the residents of the flats in the old Co-Op building.
  • 2. Pray and give thanks for the staff and customers of the Coop. and Fox’s Estate Agents; for Shona in the Council Offices and also local politicians – the mayor and members of Longridge and Ribble Valley Borough Councils and the members of the Longridge Partnership; the staff and customers of the Towneley Arms; the safety of the public toilets giving thanks for such provision; for Longridge Youth Club and all the young people and leaders who meet there, giving thanks for all the good work that they do.
  • 3. Give thanks and pray for the following businesses:-
    Yorkshire Building Society, Alton’s Solicitors, Bite2Eat, Swifts, Creative Hair, Berry Antiques and Interiors, Cloud 9, No. 65 Delicatessen, Shoe Shop, Berry Lane Newsagents, Briggs Warehouse (on Stanley Street), Hush, Tienne, Briggs Carpets, Desire Handbags and Accessories, Dentists (H. Burns), SuperSaver, Whalley SwarbrickAccountants , Applejacks Fruit and Veg. Shop, Charisma Cards and Something Else; Also St. Catherine’s Hospice Shop remembering all the volunteers and all the work done by the Hospice; Everyone who lives over the shops and in Sharples Court.
  • 4. Give thanks and pray for the following businesses:-
    Interior Design Shop, Brendan Anderton Butchers, Longridge Hire Shop.Enterprise Motors, ATS Tyres and Holdens Auctioneers; All the residents of Derby Road between Berry Lane and Warwick Street and all the residents of Warwick Street.
  • 5. Pray for all who work in and use the Over 60’s Club; the British Legion; Towneley Gardens and the Bowling Greens. Pray for the staff and residents of Park and Towneley Houses remembering those who attend the Communion Services and monthly Evening Service.
  • 6. Pray for the residents of Towneley Road, Tyne Close and Fleet Street including:-Pray for all the police and support officers who work in Longridge and the civilian staff who work in the police station.
  • 7. Pray for the residents of Derby Road, Neville Street, Astley Street, and Towneley Road West ; Pray for the staff and customers of the Neville Street Garage (Greenwood’s); Dalton’s Motor Engineers; Mary Frances and Potters.
  • 8. Pray for the residents of the houses we have passed on Kestor Lane and the staff and customers of Bonds Garage; Thank God for the provision of the Recreation Ground and all who use it remembering dog walkers, footballers, users of the skate park and children’s play area.
  • 9. For a few minutes let us think about what is going on in the rest of the world. The Prime Minister is visiting China and India so let us pray for those two countries especially the problems of poverty and human rights. Let us remember Christians in India and China and all the great work they do and all the problems they experience.
    Let us also remember those affected by the troubles in Kenya and Zimbabwe.
  • 10. Pray for the residents of the new houses on Barclay Road. Pray for all the work of the Berry Lane Surgery remembering the doctors, nurses, receptionists and ancillary staff. Pray for all the patients and all the members of our church who receive care here.
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