Tuesday At Two

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The organization called Tuesday at Two began at Longridge Methodist Church about 25 years ago. At the time, it was felt that there was a need for a day time fellowship meeting, as most church activities took place in the evening. It was open to anyone at home during the day and to begin with attracted both men and women, retired people and young mums. The fortnightly meetings have continued ever since but are now mainly attended by women although men would always be welcome. There have been a wide variety of interesting speakers and trips out over the years and for the last twenty years the team of Mary Hughes, Margaret Mohyla and Sheila Freeman has kept things running smoothly. Not surprisingly they are looking to hand over the task of finding speakers, organizing trips and making sure that all the practicalities of running the meetings are taken care of.

On behalf of everyone at Christ Church and especially those who have attended the meetings over the years, we want to say a really big THANK YOU. If any one would like to help run Tuesday at Two in the future, please see Helen Higgin-Botham, Carol Spencer or Margaret Mohyla.

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