New Font

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Since Christ Church was formed, we have had two fonts – one from each of the joining churches. These were both rather small and both had damage to them but served the purpose. However, they were not very visible and for some time there had been discussions about the possibility of a new font specially for our joint church which is now 20 years old!! Earlier this year, we received an incentive to move more quickly when the mirror in the vestry fell on to one of the fonts and smashed it into tiny pieces. We are grateful to the Ladies Guild who provided most of the money to purchase a brand new font in wood to match the rest of the church. A special word of thanks goes to Janet Sommerville, who researched designs and found the supplier and to all who made a financial contribution. If you have not been in church recently, do come and look at this beautiful new addition.

We have also recently purchased a new book trolley so the hymn books are no longer under the chairs and have to be collected as you come in and returned to the foyer at the end of the service. Bibles are available under the end chairs of each row.

The library has been discontinued but the library cupboard is now being used to store fair trade products which can still be purchased from Carol Rose. The bookstall is available on a seasonal basis which means there are new books to be looked at the significant periods of the church’s year.

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