How do I respond to the Earthquake in HAITI?

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It’s hard to know what to do when we hear of disasters like the earthquake in HAITI. But one thing is certain – we can’t do nothing!
Of the thirteen charities that make up the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), World Vision, a Christian charity, has said ‘one thing we can all do is pray, pray, pray…’ World Vision has been instrumental in setting up a daily prayer focus and for those of you who have access to the internet you can get an up to date report by clicking here or here. They are asking people to commit themselves to 40 days of prayer starting today. Please consider making this commitment.
Many members have been asking what can we do in more practical ways? This will be discussed at the Church Council meeting on Sunday 31st January. It may be we have a retiring collection, or arrange an event to raise money. Please think and pray about this and if you have any views or ideas make sure you attend the meeting or let someone know who is attending.

Thank you

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