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The Circuit leadership Team would like to make everyone in the circuit aware of a rise in attempts to scam our members out of their money.  There have been several examples of emails, phone calls and texts, purporting to be from leaders, asking people to arrange the purchase of Amazon vouchers, iTunes vouchers and the like for some worthy reason or other.  Normally the message gives some sort of reason why the leader, normally the minister, cannot sort this out for themselves at the time and the thieves are normally quite convincing.

Please be aware that NOBODY within the Methodist Church, at any level, would ever ask you to do anything like this on their behalf without talking to you in person, especially where it concerns money!  If you receive any such requests ALWAYS check with the leader in question no matter how urgent, heart-breaking or reasonable the request or the beneficiary sounds.  THE CHANCES ARE IT IS A SCAM and someone is trying to part you from your money illegally. Please, always err on the side of caution.

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