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A variety of helpful information has been given to the church recently. 

In the foyer there are a number of leaflets from Age Concern entitled PRACTICAL SUPPORT SERVICES.  They give information on how people over 50 can get help with various house cleaning tasks; running local errands or doing shopping.  If this may be of help to you, please take a leaflet.

There is also a small blue/grey file issued by Lancashire County Council entitled ‘Then you are a Carer’.  It contains information on benefits; leisure facilities; educational opportunities for carers of all kinds and those they care for.

Please feel free to copy information but please don’t take the file away.

There are also leaflets from Lions International about the ‘Message in a Bottle’ scheme.  This is particularly helpful and important for people who live on their own.  The idea is that you write your basic personal and medical information which might be needed by the emergency services in a situation where you cannot answer for yourself.  The ‘bottle’ is placed in your fridge and a label is fixed to the back of your front door and the fridge door to alert the paramedic or other emergency helper.  Ambulance staff; police; fire and rescue and emergency doctors are cooperating with the scheme and will therefore check for this information.

The leaflets have other useful information in them.  We have a supply of plastic containers (referred to as bottles) and sticky labels in church so if you live alone and haven’t already got one, please take one.   If you do not live alone but would still like to take part in the scheme, please see me and I’ll try to get more supplies.

We have also received information about the Preston Regional Group of ‘Speakability’ (formerly known as Action for Dysphasic Adults).  This group is for people with speech problems such as those experienced after a stroke and their carers.   Our own Megan Crew chairs the local branch which meets on the last Monday of the month at 1.30 pm at Barton Village Hall.  For more information have a chat with Megan or email [email protected]

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