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.   This is the new title for the work amongst very young children.   In the last Messenger we outlined how, through links with Barnacre Road School and 2toSchool, we now have a special service once every half term.  In October we attempted a more adventurous type of craft work.  The theme for the service was the wise man who built his house on a rock.  When the children arrived, they were grouped round tables with their teachers and helpers and given gingerbread men to turn into ‘Bob the Builder’ biscuits by carefully (!) rolling out yellow icing to make his helmet and blue icing to make his trousers.  Quite a feat with 77 young children!   It was decided to buy rather than bake the required number of plain ‘men’ to decorate but this proved more difficult than expected.  It seems that most bakers and supermarkets stop making gingerbread men before Hallowe’en and make gingerbread ghosts and goblins etc instead.  Several were asked to make us a special batch but the only ones who were willing to help us out were Gregg’s the Bakers on the Deepdale Retail Park.  We are very grateful to them for their cooperation (and for the extra biscuits that the duty manager added to the order.)  Well done Greggs!   Overall this has encouraged Helen and John to include more craft in future. 

We want to develop from this a more frequent activity for younger children on a weekday.  So far we are short of volunteers to come forward so that this can become a reality but in the meantime we have renamed the Wednesday mornings, Connexion Zone and intend to use this as the title for any further developments with this age group so if you want to get involved in any capacity, please have a word with Helen, John or Jane.

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