The September Ramble – Parbold Hill

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Windmill To Windmill

Parbold Hill dominates the West Lancashire countryside and the top provides spectacular views in all directions. This month’s walk starts at the windmill by the canal in the village of Parbold; and climbs to a second windmill at the top of Harrock Hill.

Our journey started with a walk along a pleasant stretch of the Leeds & Liverpool canal. A fishing competition was underway on this stretch and we had to thread our way between many serious and dedicated fishermen.

Leaving the canal at the second bridge, we started the long and steady climb, first carefully crossing the railway followed by the main road and up through woodland and fields to High Moor Lane. The path was lined with blackberry bushes and provided us with a constant supply of sweet, juicy fruit. In one field, we were greeted by a number of very friendly horses and donkeys looking for our reserves of Polo Mints.

Out on the lane, we passed the well known High Moor Restaurant and quickly made a left turn up a magnificent private tree-lined drive followed by more pleasant walking through fields to arrive at the mined windmill. Here we enjoyed a leisurely lunch stop, and for some, blackberry collecting. Although this area is now overgrown, the windmill was built to capture the winds clearly from every direction and would have been very productive in its day. The remains of a paved lane could clearly be seen which would have serviced the mill.

We now started our descent by a parallel route and eventually emerged at the Wiggin Tree pub at the top of Parbold Hill, certainly a pub with a view! After crossing the main road, we eventually came to a lovely, quiet and wooded quarry which provided some much needed shade before arriving back at the canal and our return to Parbold, passing on the way some unhappy looking fisherman.

Altogether a pleasant walk in an area that can be overlooked by keen walkers.

Linda & Eddie Grange

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