September Ramble: Around Lancaster

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 Due to the exceptionally wet conditions following the recent heavy rain, the planned ascent of Parlick had to be abandoned and this pleasant tour of Lancaster substituted at the last minute.

We met at St. Georges Quay, on the River Lime and as some of us had done this walk before, it was suggested that, if we walk in the reverse direction, this could be considered to be a new walk. We really do have some clever people in our walking group!

Heading south, we followed the bed of the Glasson railway, now a popular and splendid footpath, with the estuary on our right. Numerous ducks and a lone swan passed us on the high tide and the many cyclists proved to be considerate with their bell ringing on the shared path.

After a couple of miles, we arrived at the sewage plant and our turning point. Now it was quiet, pleasant country lanes, heading for Stoddy; the only traffic that we met being a beautiful chestnut horse with a young lady rider.

Eventually, we arrived at Ashton Road and started to head towards Lancaster. The weather had turned out to be splendid, warm but humid and after a short while, we arrived at the canal. The canal here is in a deep cutting, so our path descended gradually towards the tow-path and on to Aldcliffe and to where the West Coast Main Line crosses the canal, where we found a convenient seat for our lunch stop.

During lunch, we were entertained on the other bank by the activities of rabbits and Yankee squirrels. Then it was onwards to the city centre, noting how well the canal area has been developed in recent years. Now, we had a choice. Either walk along the canal to the magnificent aqueduct by John Rennie and down the steps to the Lime, or take up an offer by Veronica of a tour of the back streets of the city, which we did. And very interesting it was. We next picked up the Lime Way and the Millennium Bridge and the return to our cars.

This proved to be a good walk to fall back on at short notice. Also, we may have introduced a new category of walk, namely, The Wrong Way Round Walk. The possibilities are endless.

Linda & Eddie Grange

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