October Ramble – Grizedale Bridge

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The October walk was one of the many variations on the Nicky Nook theme, an area that is always popular.

The original plan was to start from Garstang, but this would have been a little too long, so a Scorton start was decided on, which would bring the distance to our usual seven miles.

Leaving the village, we turned into Snowhill lane and the long slog over the M6 and up to the start of the climb over Nicky Nook Fell. The path up the fell is quite steep, but we soon made the top and the famous trig. point. The early rain had now stopped and we were able to have our photograph taken in the pleasant sunshine.

Now, it was down the fell to Grize Dale, followed by a stroll along this lovely path as far as the head of Grizedale Reservoir, from where we entered pleasant woodland following Grizedale Brook to our lunch stop at Grizedale Bridge. Here is a shelter with seats for our convenience, but, alas, no roof.

The second part of our walk started with a section of road walking as far as Calder Side, where our party of six turned into a good track which took us to the famous radio masts that can be seen for miles around. The path now headed west and opened up to a fabulous broad view over the Irish Sea and Morecambe Bay.

The final part of the walk was a steady descent, through farmyards and green lanes, with Pheasants fluttering about, until we arrived at the truly awful Woodacre pasture which had to be crossed. We had to negotiate continuous, ankle deep mud for a quarter of a mile. The Dear Leader came in for some stick from his loyal followers, but he is thick skinned. And what is a Pleb. anyway?

At last we left this nightmare and climbed a stile on to a wooded banking and back down to Grizedale, which we crossed and walked up the embankment opposite, up to Higher Lane followed by the last field and on to Tithe Barn Lane which led us back to Scorton.

Despite the ground conditions, which have been a problem all year, this turned out to be a good walk which we all enjoyed.

Linda & Eddie Grange


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