Musings From The Manse: Autumn 2009

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Dear Friends,

Recently I was invited to take part in something called ‘Time and Space’, which is an accompanied reflection for Ministers, organised by the United Reformed Church. Great, I thought, another thing to add to the list of ‘things to do’!!
The invitation came in early July, at about the time when I was busy preparing for two very important events – the wedding of our eldest son, Daniel, and the wedding of Susan and Ian Lawson – so I thought how nice it would be to reflect on these two ‘firsts’ as well as the many other positive aspects of ministry.
Unfortunately, as I was soon to find out, life as a ‘Minister in Pastoral Charge’ is not always so gloriously happy, because in the space of the few short weeks, up to the time of me writing this, I seem to have experienced the whole gamut of emotions – as well as feeling like I’d just had a trip on ‘The Big One’ at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!
I came back from Minister’s Summer School to find that a much loved member at my Fulwood church had died suddenly – then I took the funeral of a Longridge Lodge Resident – then it was off to Wales for Dan and Lowri’s big day – then my brother arrived from Canada for a visit – then our daughter Charlotte had her Graduation in Sheffield (and very nice it was too!) – then it was the Funeral of the Fulwood member – then it was Sue and Ian’s big day – then the newest member of the Turver family arrived – at about the same time as my brother-in-law, Martin, died very suddenly. So, as I write, we are preparing to make another trip down to Portsmouth for his funeral, which I will be taking.
What has sustained me, however, through all that has taken place, is not only the love and support of my family, friends and members of both my congregations, but the love and peace of God, who has richly blessed me during this time.
So when I do finally find the ‘time and space’ to ‘reflect’ on my two years here in Preston, and on the beginning of my third, I will continue to thank God that He brought me here, and ask for his continuing support and grace which allows me to be alongside some wonderful people during the peaks and troughs that life brings us.
Yours in Christ, Helen <><

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