March Ramble – Rivington

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This month, our Bolton division told us that they could organize a scenic, (fairly), mud free walk, so we decided to take them up on their generous offer. The walk was centred on what is locally known as the Lancashire Lake District, in the area between Bolton, Horwich and Chorley. The lakes concerned are the three reservoirs, Lower and Upper Rivington and Anglezarke.

Our meeting place was the Lower Rivington Barn. From here, our group, (A good turnout of ten), started walking northwards. The weather was bitterly cold with slight rain. In a short time, we arrived at the road across the dam that separates the two Rivington reservoirs, which we crossed and then entered a path that followed the western shore of the lake. The views were excellent, looking across to Rivington Pike and the paths were good until we came across a large fallen tree which proved challenging to negotiate.

Next, to our right, we passed another dam that separates the Upper Rivington and Anglezarke reservoirs and continued on the western shore, following a series of paths and quiet lanes, again enjoying splendid views all around. Our leader for the day gave some thought to the venue of our lunch stop, cleverly deciding to extend the walk slightly to arrive at the White Coppice Cricket ground and the shelter of the veranda of the cricket pavilion. However, the law of sod prevailed and a large walking group managed to get in before us, but we managed to squeeze in.

After lunch, we returned on the eastern side of the lakes and if anything, the views were even better, still with the good pathways thanks to United Utilities. Perhaps the experience will make the paying of their bill this month a little less painful?

Eventually, we arrived back at the barn after covering eight and a half miles and we then rounded off the walk with coffee and scones at the café.

Many thanks to Bill for leading us on this walk in one of the prettiest areas of old Lancashire and somewhere where we could explore a little more in the future.

Linda & Eddie Grange

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