June Ramble: Brock Bottom

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 Brock Bottom is a well known local beauty spot and a splendid starting point for this lovely and varied walk. The first part, by the riverside, is notorious for mud, so a dry spell before the walk is a must.

Starting from the car park, our little party of six, none from Bolton this time, but three from the Lancaster group, started to make our way along this pretty river, walking a good, dry path until we arrived at Walmsley Bridge. Here, we left the river and climbed up a lane, later entering fields via a footbridge and walking towards Bowman House Farm. Then it was more lane walking and on to another farm, this time Clarkson’s. Approaching the latter farm, we had to cross a large field of cows plus two young but quite intimidating bulls. I was reminded of the words of one of my neighbours, a college trained farmer. The first thing that they were taught was never to turn your back on a male animal. We didn’t!

Now it was a steady climb, field after field until we reached the top of the hill where splendid views opened up to the west, over the Fylde and the coast. Then, heading north, we progressed through fields, passed Foggs farm, followed by another climb up to Huds Brook Plantation and our lunch stop. But we know that lunch stops are rarely simple. My chosen spot was deemed to be too windy, so we crossed the plantation and sat in a sheltered field. However, the fanner came dashing over to tell us that he had just sprayed the field with some obnoxious chemical and this may not be the best place to eat our butties. We eventually dined at the roadside, watching bikes passing us at a tremendous speed during some sort of time trial.

The next part of our walk took us down the steep track of Snape Rake and back to the River Brock. Before the war, this track was used for important motorcycle trials.

Arriving at the river, we crossed a footbridge and started walking back to the car park.

The County Council are to be congratulated for managing to provide a good path here through difficult terrain.

Throughout this walk, we were blessed with good conditions, both above and below, which enhanced our enjoyment. Afterwards, we sat on a form by the river watching the children splashing and enjoying themselves, as they have done here for generations.

Linda & Eddie Grange

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