From the Manse: Autumn 2007

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“Dear Friends,

Well, here we are at last! Colin and I, plus Basil, are happily settled in the manse, and I am beginning to find my feet. All sounds very simple doesn’t it, but in reality it has been a lot more challenging than that! There have been names, faces, meetings, Circuit plans, preaching plans, introductions and much more to come to grips with – but what has been so lovely is that you have completely understood, and have accepted this ‘rookie’ Minister in ways which I could not even begin to thank you for.

Moving to a new place is often traumatic – even when the area is vaguely familiar – and in many ways, relocating to Lancashire has been a voyage of rediscovery for me. During the last couple of weeks, on holiday, Colin and I have been exploring places I used to visit as a small child and I’m sure he has got fed up of me saying, ‘Oh, I remember when…..’!! But, the wonder of God’s creation in this part of the world is so apparent even when it is raining, and when the sun comes out, you cannot fail to be captured by the scenic beauty all around. If this seems idyllic – it is! – though I’m sure that there will be times when the pressure of ministry will overshadow things, and life won’t always seem so rosy. I pray that during these times God will give me the resources and the fellowship to overcome the doubts and fears and help me to focus on what an awesome privilege ministry is.

However, there is a new voyage of discovery to be made now, as we explore together what it means to be ‘church’ in this place. At times that might mean trying something new that we’re not too sure of – or revisiting something that’s been done before – or simply just carrying on what we do already. I’m a great believer in the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but there are occasions when a little tweak doesn’t go amiss!! Whatever ways we choose to minister to those around us and proclaim God’s Kingdom to those we meet by the example of our own lives – we need to be sure that it is discerned by the Spirit and guided by God’s hand, for it is through His grace and His strength that we are enabled to do His will.”

Yours in Christ,

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